SPORTZ help Inc.’s projects include the following:

SPORTZprofiles.com hosts a marketing and fundraising program for sport participants.

The marketing program allows sport participants to create a sport profile that showcases their sport participation, achievements, performance, health and fitness levels and also allows them to display photos and videos portraying same.

Participation in the marketing program through the use of their sport profile assists sport participants gain selection in representative teams, receive scholarships at colleges and universities and immortalize their sport achievements.

The fundraising program assists sport participants generate sponsorship funds through their sale of eRaffle tickets, online to family members, friends and others all from the safety and comfort of their home; and/or, through the sale of banner space as displayed on their sport profile pages.

Participation in the fundraising program assists sport participants subsidize their sport participation costs.

HOUSEx ixlogos a  social event created to provide youth from year 8 – year 12 with an outlet to socialize and improve their social skills in “blue light disco style”  alcohol and drug free, controlled environment.

Each event hosted is subject to an Event Management Plan that meets the requirements of the Commission for Children and Young People and Child Guardians Act 2000.

SPORTZ help Inc. has also been working on a project for the last three years that is soon to be launched that will greatly assist Sport Clubs around Australia raise additional funding.